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Everyone knows the hot tourist spots and the must see places when they visit Bali. However, it is the experience with the locals who have lived, breathed, and have a deeper connection with the island that will complete your holiday.

In this week’s post, we discuss the perks of approaching Bali with a local’s perspective. This will help you discover every part of Bali; what to do, where to go, how to get around and what’s hot.

Trade your shorts for a sarong

The first step to exploring Bali like a local is to dress like one. Regardless of the Balinese wearing jeans and t-shirts just as any other modern day outfit, sarongs are used when visiting a place of worship or attending a religious ceremony.

Sarongs in Bali come in beautiful authentic patterns known as ‘Batik’. A traditional Indonesian fabric that is specially designed, stamped, and waxed to create mesmerizing patterns. By wearing a sarong, you don’t have to worry about purchasing one when you visit a Balinese temple. Sarongs are also very comfortable and will keep you chilled under Bali’s hot sun rays.

bali sarong
Rent and travel around Bali with a scooter

Using a scooter to get around Bali is one of the most common, affordable, and time saving way of travelling, especially compared to using a car. Don’t be surprised when you’re cruising around and finding the scooter driver on your right is carrying four passengers and the driver on your left carrying piles of construction items.

Riding a scooter is the quickest way of getting to your destination while the island presents you stunning views. Renting a scooter roughly costs $5 USD a day (IDR Rp.50,000), and remember to rent one from a trusted company.

visit bali
Attend a ceremony

Balinese culture celebrates life through daily rituals and occasional religious ceremonies. The local culture holds dear to these Hindu practices, so if you’ve been invited to one, it is an honor. Once you get familiar to the ceremonies here, you will start to notice a change in clothing and practices depending on the celebration.

There are ceremonies that celebrate birth, the numerous stages of a baby’s life, puberty, marriage, death, or any other major life event. The practices during these ceremonies include praying with special offerings, praying for good, having a Balinese band play traditional music with an assortment of gongs and bells, and so many other ways.

bali ceremony
Dine at warung’s

We believe it is the five star dining experience you are seeking in Bali, especially if you’re staying with us at the Handara resort. However if you’re feeling adventurous, try eating at a warung! Warung’s are small (and often ‘portable’) stands that serve locally sourced food with spices of the island. Not only are they the cheapest alternatives for dining, they’re some of the most authentic and delicious.

bali warung

We urge you to discover Bali outside our resort for your complete Bali experience. We are located in Bedugul for you to enjoy the local culture and activities you can find close to the resort. Book a room now and don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions!