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The Green Initiative of Handara Golf & Resort

At Handara Golf & Resort, we believe in preserving the natural beauty of our surroundings for generations to come. That's why we have taken a proactive approach to sustainability, implementing a variety of initiatives aimed at reducing our environmental impact and promoting sustainable tourism.

Handara Golf & Resort is proudly to announce that we have been chosen as the recipient of the 2023 International Sustainable Awards (ISA).

Stepping Stones to Excellence

Social Impact
  • Hire local employee and continuous employee training in sustainability practice.
  • Encourage employee to engage in our CSR Program.
  • Buy and use local products and service.
Customer Oriented
  • Improve the service by continuing guest satisfaction survey.
  • Constant improvement in response to guest expectation.
Environmental Friendly
  • Reduce energy & water consumption.
  • Waste Management by reduce, reuse, and recycle.
  • Aim to use environmentally and energy efficient products.
  • Protect wild animals and conserves trees and forests.

The Handara Green Team

Our team is a collective of dedicated individuals with a resolute commitment to proper Handara to new heights. Working together towards common goals infuses our team with a profound sense of purpose and significance. Our team reflect diversity, encompassing not just Balinese individuals but a range of background, and our core values of teamwork and collaborations steers us in our pursuits. Above all, we are steadfast in our dedication to giving back to the community working in unison to realize the company’s mission and vision.

Our Responsibility Towards the Environment and Community

On a daily basis, we develop a working plan that is more responsible towards the environment and community. With this mission we have created the “Handara Green Team” which will incorporate Environmental & Community Program and commitment to the general Handara policies.

Handara Green Team

The Handara Green is responsible to create the required sustainability policies, corporate social responsibilities and to ensure the implementation of the environmental program for the hotel as required by the national or regional legislations.

  • The Handara Green Team is headed by President Director and supervised by the  General Manager, the Human Resource Department, the General Affair Manager and the rest of the Head Departments. The Human Resource Department and the General Affair Manager will provide a regular reporting on the status of the implementation within the different part of the hotel and the golf course.
  • The Handara Green Team is responsible for the proper implementation of the Environmental measurement and initiative and to be communicated to all staffs and guests.
  • The Handara Giveback Team is responsible for the implementation of Handara’s Social Responsibility Program.
  • The Board of Director is committed to support the Green and Giveback program.
  • The entire staff is responsible to support and implement the environmental program through their day-to-day work.

Sustainability Reports

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