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North Bali is a popular destination for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. It is home to Bali’s untouched natural wonders. Handara Resorts based in north Bali, Bedugul, boasts as one of Indonesia’s most beautiful golf courses. Our golf course is designed to complement Bali’s exotic natural setting. Surrounded with different hues of green, and immaculately preserved by the local community. Stay with us for a conveniently located accommodation to enjoy conquering the many trekking destinations we have listed for you:Mount Batur

  1. Mount Batur

The best-rated trek in Bali has got to be conquering Mt. Batur. The popular ‘Mount Batur sunrise trek’ will take your breath away, while witnessing the inky sky with shining stars transition to dawn’s break. When you arrive, enjoy a stunning panoramic view of Bali from the sacred active volcano. After descending from Mount Batur, soothe your aching muscles at the natural hot springs while enjoying brunch.

A few pointers before hiking Mt. Batur:

  • Go to bed early. To see Bali in all its glory, it is best to trek Mt. Batur just in time for sunrise. To do this, you need to preserve all your energy to not only find the motivation to wake up, but to have the ability to trek your way to the top!
  • This is not an easy hike for unfit people. Experienced hikers and people with good fitness might not have the problem of trekking Mt. Batur. Regardless of the rewarding view, the trek can physically take a toll on people who are unfit for the journey. Make sure you’re in good shape mentally and physically.
  • Wear comfortable attire. Bring a change of clothes just in case of excessive sweating or change after a dip in the hot springs after the trek. You will also need to bring 2 pairs of footwear. One could either be trainers or hiking boots and the other flip flops for after the trek

Mount-Agung-view-from-sea2. Mighty Mount Agung

Known as the highest point on the island, Mt. Agung is the hardest trekking destination here in the island of a thousand temples. The great mountain is home to Pura Besakih, Bali’s holiest temple. Every time hikers would go up Mt. Agung, the same story is repeated by the guides; how when Mt. Agung erupted, it killed many people but left Pura Besakih untouched. This 12-hour trek is a challenging one that begins at this temple. Similar to Mt. Batur, Mt. Agung best treks at nightfall arriving at sunrise. The fresh cool air and views of Mt. Rinjani might just take your breath away.

A few pointers before hiking Mt. Agung:

  • Listen to your body: know your physical limits and abilities. With steep paths, thick jungle foliage, no switchback trails, and treacherous rocks, Mt. Agung can come off even challenging to experienced hikers. If you’re not the type to look for an adrenaline rush while going on a nature expedition, this trek might not be for you.
  • Save up as much energy as possible. Unlike Mt. Batur, you’ll begin your trek at midnight. Sleep as much as possible during the day and avoid leaving the house. The solution of staying up is unrealistic. You’ll encounter many hardships on this trek. One of them is trekking in the dark.
  • Don’t forget to drink. You cannot afford to get dehydrated. Although Wikipedia claims that Mt. Agung doesn’t have any altitude sickness, you want to be prepared. Drinking water helps a lot. Especially when you’re constantly perspiring.

To be able to do these treks with no worries and at optimum condition, Handara Resorts is the perfect solution to catch up on a good night’s sleep and plan ahead for your next trekking destination. We are here to make your stay in Bali an unforgettable one, so if you have any questions regarding how to get to you trek location or tour/ group bookings, contact us!