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One of the joys of golfing is of course the relaxing walks around the course. Most players still walk as opposed to using a cart. This not only helps you strengthen muscles, but you actually get to enjoy the game more. However, the type of golf shoes you buy will largely determine how comfortable you are and the quality of your game.

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Your shoes can be a game improvement tool, which is the reason you need to learn more about them before shopping. Here are some points to help you when you hit the sports store:

Types of Golf Shoes

There are different models of the golf shoe, which you can choose from. They include:

  • Spiked/cleated shoes: This is the most common golf shoe blending comfort, traction, style, breathability and water resistance. This is a stable shoe that improves your swings.
  • Spikeless street shoe: This is a late edition replacing metal spikes with rubber studs for traction. The low profile shoe is ideal for the 19th hole and hard surfaces and they are also stylish to wear. They are comfortable, but offer less stability. They are not waterproof and this is a disadvantage during wet weather.
  • Golf boot: For ultimate protection against the weather on the golf course, the golf boot is the answer. They are similar to hiking boots, but have studs to offer traction. The thick waterproof material makes them more expensive.
  • Golf sandal: This is a good alternative in hot areas. The open toe design allows a player’s feet to breathe. However, they are not ideal for long walks and are best suited for buggy golf. The straps could lead to blisters, which is a big risk for a player.

Golf Spikes

To play well, you must have good traction and this is where shoe spikes come in. You can choose from metal or plastic depending on the golf course and weather. Soft spikes are best suited for hard surfaces and they offer more comfort. Metal spikes are less common and are unpopular due to the marks they leave on the greens. They are also uncomfortable on hard surfaces. When shopping for replacement spikes, confirm the fastening system on your golf shoes.

Shoe Materials

Golf players are stylish and it is no wonder leather shoes are the most popular on the course. The leather is breathable and can be treated to be waterproof. Synthetic materials are cheaper especially polyester, but they are not as comfortable or breathable as leather. For winter play, waterproof materials such as Goretex are popular.

Shoe Lacing System 

The lacing system you choose on your golf shoes should be flexible and easy to work with. Laces are still common through other alternatives, such as mechanical and Velcro are common.

Buying your golf shoes is that hard after all. With these ideas, you can now hit the stores. However, your golf shoes should provide comfort and stability so you can thoroughly enjoy your game and perform to the best of your ability with us.