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This week, we head over to Hole 15 as we continue our Hackers’ Guide to Handara. Playing at handicap 10, the third par 5 hole of the course is a tricky one indeed. Admittedly, this hole costs me a double bogey or more on a regular basis.

hole 15
These tees aren’t for us, big guy… Head up to the whites.

The white tees are set at 499 yards with fairway bunkers to the right side of the fairway at approximately 220-240. Given that the hole is not particularly long and that the danger is right in the landing zone for most recreational high handicappers (like me), picking up the driver is usually where the trouble starts on this hole.

The smart choice for a bogey golfer is to play a long iron or fairway wood out to 200, leaving a pair of 7-irons to still reach the green in three. That’s right, this green is easily reachable in three without making any risky decisions. Just like your tee shot, avoid the temptation to “go for it”on your second shot. Laying up before the creek that runs across the fairway means you are less likely to incur a penalty.

Hole 15 at Handara Golf & Resort Bali

hole 15 handara
Shoot for the middle!

Play for the heart of the green on this one. Leaving it short or right can lead to trouble in the bunkers. Ending up long can put you into rather unfriendly rough. Play to the center and who knows, maybe you two putt for a par!

I hope we are inspiring you to go and play at Handara Golf & Resort Bali. That’s hole 15 and if you have any comments of feedback you can comment below or chat with us on Facebook for Handara Golf & Resort Bali. Don’t miss us next week as we head into the final stretch here at Handara Golf and Resort Balihole 16.