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If you will be playing at a target-style golf course, there are simple steps that you can take to ensure that you navigate better and play more accurately as well.

target-style golf

  • Ball forward – If you are on a target-style golf course, it doesn’t always mean you have to scale back on distance. Sometimes the best thing to do is hit your ball higher in order to ensure that you are more accurate and your ball goes farther. Set the ball so that it is ahead of your stance and then widen your stance as well.
  • Increase tilt – If you are hitting the ball high into the air, you need to increase your shoulder tilt. This means that you need to lower your right shoulder by simply bending to your right at the lower spine.
  • Open up – A constricted swing will affect your game. You should actually play each hole like it was wide open. Be confident when you swing and do so aggressively. If you try to steer your golf ball, you will make a mistake.
  • Keep it low and slow – when using your hybrids and woods, it is best to focus more on contacting the ball at the center. The set-up needs to be wide then pull back with the club remaining low or close to the ground then hinge your wrists slightly.
  • Follow through – When your club makes contact, the swing is still not over. In order to make contact that is solid, ensure that your body continues even after there has been contact. Where your body ends up after a swing is a great indicator of how you positioned yourself for impact.
  • No Slouching – Many golfers tend to overlook posture, which leads to back arching and slouching. If you are looking to hit golf shots that are consistent, this will kill your shots real fast. You should stand upright, ensure that your back is straight but not rigid, flex the knees slightly and then keep that posture during the swing.
  • Loft – In order to add some loft to your swing, you need to stand taller and then reduce your forward lean. By reducing the lean, you will then add loft so that you can hit higher. It is important to note that it won’t go too far since you will be hitting it up and without that much compression.
  • Using your palms – Your grip should be less in your fingers and more in your palms. If you are looking to hit irons that are straighter and more controlled, then this will give you more accuracy. You may not be able to hit higher, but there will be better ball control.

Above are how you can better navigate a target-style golf course. Let’s apply these steps at Handara Golf and Resort and see how your navigation and accuracy increased!