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The Buleleng District is the main district of Northern Bali. Here, you will find excellent places to tour.  The biggest town is Singaraja. In the colonial days, it was the Capital of Bali. While here, you can visit Lovina Beach, a tourist resort that is quite secluded. Should you land in Southern Bali, you can make your way here by car through scenic routes. It is a 3 hour journey to get there and then you can start explore North Bali.

Places to Visit
North Bali has for many years been isolated from the South side. The mountains that kept it hidden sheltered some wonderful places that you can now visit. It is interesting to note that the people of Northern Bali have different customs and rites than those you may have seen or heard of in Southern Bali. If you love pristine nature, authentic culture and rural, tranquil surroundings, this is the place to be. It’s always bring you a great experience to explore North Bali.

This is the biggest town in the area famed for being the colonial capital of Bali. Here, you will find old colonial style buildings still standing. The market is quite lively and can be visited in the morning and in the evenings as well. Modern amenities and services including ATMs and Banks can be found here as well, so you need not worry about running out of cash. You should consider a visit to the Royal Palace of Singaraja. You will find that the royal families, descended from the kings of old, still live in the palace. You should also consider the library known as the Gedung Kirtya. It houses old manuscripts written on palm leaves, metal plate transcriptions as well as books that carry information about architecture, black magic, religion, homeopathy, philosophy, genealogy and more. You can start to explore North Bali from this town.

Lovina Beach

lovina beach - explore north Bali
Lovina Beach

This is a tourist area with a 12 km stretch of beaches. This beach is famous for the dolphins that visit its coast in their hundreds every morning as the sun is coming up. The beach is said to belong to the surrounding fishing villages. Air Sanih is a place that you should visit as well. Here, you will find cold water springs that have made natural basins. There are many restaurants and hotels in this area of North Bali.

This area is in between Seririt and Singaraja. Here, you will find hot springs named ‘Air Panas.’ They are located in a tropical garden within a jungle. The water is a delightful 37 degrees Celsius and there are several basins. If you would like to visit a Buddhist monastery, then Vihara is the place to be. The Borobudur temple located in java has a replica here.

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