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There are golfers who swing smoothly almost all the time. Most golfers though, are frustrated with their golf swing because they just don’t seem to be consistent from one swing to the next.

Most people do well with short and mid irons, but when using longer ones, they tend to swing a bit faster. This means that the optimum swing tempo they had with short and medium irons, tends to be compromised. This further compromises their impact timing, leading to poor results. By following these tips you can improve the optimal swing tempo:

Golf Swing

  • Tempo – The word tempo makes reference to the swing speed in golf. This is the amount of time it takes for you to swing your club from beginning to completion. You need to keep the same tempo with all your clubs. One of the things to consider is that when you have a long driver, the head of the club will be moving at a faster pace when swinging.
  • Rhythm – This is usually known as regular beats in a pattern. In golf, rhythm is the patterns that recur band and forth. This describes how you divide the time of your swing between the back swing, downswing and finally forward swing. The best way to think about it is as a swinging pendulum, and then divide it into counts or beats that are equal. Your rhythm should be the same for all your clubs and for each swing you take.
  • Timing – In order to say that you have good timing, you will need to have the right sequence, which then produces correct club and body position. When you have good timing, it means that you also have good tempo and rhythm. With consistency in both rhythm and swing tempo, you will get more consistent shots. If someone has a poor shot, it is because the rhythm and tempo are bad, resulting in poor timing at impact.
  • Optimum Balance – One of the things that most people do not know is, that your optimum tempo as a golfer is related to your personality. If you walk slow and speak soft, your swing could match that, but if you talk fast and walk the same way, then your swing will likely be just as fast.

Just remember that regardless of the shot you are taking, you should keep your rhythm and tempo the same. Timing tends to be everything in golf. Handara Resort offers the perfect location in Bali to train your swing tempo and other golf skills. We also have professional instructors who can help you bring your game to the next level.