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Are your kids interested in taking up the game of golf? At Handara Resorts, we get plenty of guests who come to Bali for a holiday and enjoy a sunny day out to play golf as a family with our professional golfers.

In the article today, our in-house golf professionals have compiled a collection of advice to get your child golfing in the right direction.

Maximize Your Child’s Practice Time

Regularly take your kids to the course or driving range and choose a time when the sun isn’t at its highest peak. Early in the morning or sunset are the best times to avoid strong rays. This is also highly recommended if you and your family are planning to stay with us at Handara Resorts.

With gorgeous golf courses overlooking Bali’s beautiful tropical greenery, we guarantee your family and children will have an enjoyable time playing golf. If you are interested to reserve a time for your child to optimize his or her golf skills, book a tee time with one of our golf professionals so you don’t have to worry about holding back another group.

Kids golfing at handara and teach by professional golfers

Have Patience and Let Them Call the Shots

This may come to a challenge for some parents who have golf running through their veins. We all want our children to successfully play golf the right way. However, as golfers, we tend to teach them the sport in a firm manner as if the children were back at school. This is the opposite of introducing golf as a fun sport. Learning a firm grip on the golf club is fundamental, but going into great detail and adding unwanted pressure on that one topic can result negatively. They are children if it’s one thing that’s on their minds while they play golf is that they are having fun. Let them explore the game on their own. Let them lead and be there for them when they want to know something they’re curious about. Remember, you are there to do what they want to do, not what you want to do.

golf-technique by our professional golfers

Provide Them with Suitable Equipment

There are 2 common problems Junior’s face when starting out. The first one is using golf clubs that are just too long, too stiff, and too heavy. And the second being the result of the first problem is that the junior holding the club will swing the club too flat relative to his or her height. Other than our in-house golf professionals at your service, Handara Resorts also provides guests with golf club rentals to save the worry of bringing your own and lugging it everywhere during your holiday.

golf putt at Handara Resort Bali

Communicate How to Play on Their Level

Communication between a child and the instructor is crucial. Teaching golf should be expressed at the child’s level of understanding, and this should also be taken literally. As the child is comfortable with their positioning, kneel down, make eye contact, and explain what’s next. Watch what you say and how you say it because terms such as “wide arc” won’t come to them like a breeze. Replace “wide arc” with “big circle” or “descending blow” with “thump the ground” because children need a visual representation in their heads in order to execute the next step. Don’t teach them the everyday golf frustrations adult golfers face every day, always be there to lend a helping hand.

Golf Carnival for kids teach by our professional golfers

As you can see, teaching your children golf depends on how we are a role model for them. If you’re feeling hesitant to be the one to introduce golf to your children, don’t worry as Handara Resorts in Bedugul have in-house professional golfers instructors to lead your child in the right direction.

Our resort facilitates all player levels, with a driving range to get those shots right, a pro shop just in case your child is hooked on the game, and golf club rentals to suit your child’s needs. Contact us for special promo’s and packages revolving around our golf facilities.