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Ahhh, and we’re almost done with the front 9 here at the stunning Handara Golf & Resort Bali. Please continue to follow our Hacker’s Guide to Handara as we explore a “bogey golf” approach to the Island’s most scenic and historic golf course.

What a morning so far! As we pull the cart up to the tee box on the 8th hole at Handara, we are greeted by a mysterious dogleg right fairway. Longer hitters will be wise to choose a 3w or other club to ensure they don’t overrun the fairway. This is especially true for those who have a natural draw. The best possible tee shot is a straight shot or a slight fade into the dogleg. Slicers (you know who you are!) should be very cautious to avoid the dense hazard on the right side. Depending on how my swing is going, it is not uncommon for me to pull a four iron on this hole.

hole 8 white tee box
8th Hole dogleg right

When playing from the white tees, this is a fairly short par 4 hole, so there is no reason to get aggressive off the  tee. Just put one in play and move up the fairway. A smooth 4 iron generally puts me just out near the turn of the fairway, allowing for a conservative approach to the hole. I can either hit two short irons or maybe even try to get there in two with another decent 4 iron.

Be warned that the green is not particularly deep and that approaches from excessive distance are unlikely to hold the green. If you have a strong chipping game, go for it. If not, maybe it’s best to take two short irons to ensure a higher, softer landing on the green. My chipping happens to be one of the stronger points of my game, so I tend to go for it. Hey what do you know, on in two for a rare birdie chance.

Hole 8 at Handara Golf & Resort Bali

hole 8 Green at Handara
8th Green at Handara Golf & Resort Bali

Once you are on the green, it’s a pretty straightforward two-putt depending on where you land your approach. The 8th green at Handara is one of the easier putting surfaces on the course. A par well earned. Let’s head over and close out the front 9 before a tasty lunch at Katmandalu restaurant.