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This week our Hackers Guide to Handara Golf takes us to hole 7. This beautiful hole gives us a great chance to get a bogey and if you are really lucky then a par may even be on the cards. Here’s hoping!

As you get ready for this hole you realize just how amazing it is to play at this golf course. Unlike other golf courses in Bali, Handara Golf has a key component to playing good golf……know what it is?

A cool climate!

Ha I hear you say, it’s Bali. Yes, compared with the other golf courses here in Bali Handara Golf Resort allows you to play a round of golf without almost dying from overheating. I will take that any day of the week.

handara hole 7

Tee off on Hole 7 @ Handara Golf Resort

The tee shot on the par 4 hole 7 at Handara is fairly straight forward as the fairway is nice and straight although there is a set of bunkers on the left. If you are on the white tees then they lie around 170 yards fro the tee box, a perfect distance to catch many of us out. Depending on whether you tend to draw or fade it, no need for hooks and slices here, then you just want to target ending up in the middle or right of the fairway. Being on the right side gives you the best angle of attack to the green.

hole 7
If you manage to get on the fairway then your approach to the green should is straight forward. This is not a long hole so if you can manage 200 yards off the tee then it will leave you with around 130 yards to the pin, depending on where the groundsmen have places it.

The green is wide and has a couple of bunkers on each side, keep your shot straight and you have a great chance for par. Put it long to miss the bunkers and you will have a chip on to the green. The surface on this green is one of the more tame at Handara Golf course, keep the first putt close to the hole and you can hopefully take that par, or at least get that bogey we are looking for.

Results today? Today I managed a long tee shot that took me within 70 yards of the green. A precise (rather lucky) 56 degree wedge landed me on the green and I was able to two putt for a par. That’s something special for me!

I hear that some of our readers have some different approaches to dealing with these holes at Handara Golf & Resort Bali. I am not experts so if you have some input that will help all of us play better golf then please let us know. Let’s head over to the 8th and continue this round.