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This week our Hackers Guide to Handara Golf takes us to hole 6, and after the difficult hole 5 I am happy to say that hole 6 gives you a much better chance to get a good score. Our Hackers Guide to Handara is trying to help you work your way around the course in the hope you end up with a bogey on each hole. I would be pretty happy if I ended up with a round like that, how about you?
Hole 6 at Handara Golf & Resort Bali
OK, so taking a relaxed view of things after the last hole, I approach this beautiful fairway.

Tee off on Hole 6 @ Handara Golf Resort

The tee shot on the par 4 hole 6 at Handara is fairly straight forward as the fairway is nice and straight.  You have a handful of bunkers on the left which come into play around 180 – 200 yards so it is right in the range for a mishit drive.

Ideally you want to keep down the right side of the fairway as you have a lot of tall grass over on the left.  If you hit it too far on the right then you can also end up in some long grass, but that is a long drive….for me anyway.

If you have managed to stay on the fairway then your next shot is either going to be a nice lay up before the creak, or if you had a decent tee shot then you can try and head straight for the green.  There are bunkers either side of the green but it is large enough to get on the green if you are good at controlling your short irons.  If I can get to a hundred yards out then I know I am fairly consistent with my shot from there.  That’s assuming I am not having one of those days.

The green on this hole is relatively flat although it can be a little quick at times.  As always, listen to your caddy as these guys at Handara Golf & Resort Bali are good.  I don’t know if you all agree with me, but I find the caddies here are the most knowledgeable on the Island.  Perhaps you have a different look on it?  It would be great to get some feedback.

Results today?  Well for me, I was a lucky chap today as I managed a nice par on this hole.  The drive headed long and a bit right but I had a decent lie in the rough.  Managed to get on the green in two, which is unusual for me and then had two putts for the par.

I hope we are inspiring you to go and play at Handara Golf & Resort Bali. That’s hole 6 and if you have any comments of feedback you can comment below or chat with us on Facebook for Handara Golf & Resort Bali.  Time for hole 7, See you next week!