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I hope you’re up for an easy bogey as we head to Hole 16 at Handara Golf & Resort Bali and continue our Hackers’ Guide to Handara. At stroke index 2, the 16th is truly one of the hardest holes on the course. Standing from the tee box, you will see a deceivingly straightforward golf hole in front of you.

Don't get fancy here- stay in the fairway!
Don’t get fancy here- stay in the fairway!

With a total distance from the white tees of only 400 yards, there is no need to get aggressive off the tee. Sure, if your driver is firing that day, get it out and play an easy one up the middle of the fairway. Otherwise, play a sensible shot that stays in the fairway and avoids the lateral hazard on the right side of the short stuff. The slope of the fairway will tend to make your ball kick left, so just play for the middle and allow it to happen. There is danger on both sides of the fairway- hazard on the right and OOB over the cart path on the left. Play straight or play short, that’s my motto on this hole.

Hole 16 at Handara Golf & Resort Bali

hole 16 handara
One of the trickiest greens in Bali, hands down.

Provided that you have put your drive in the fairway, your approach to the green is simple, but uphill. Rarely, if ever, do I decide to go for the green in two on this hole. The green itself is extremely sloped back to front and right to left. Take careful note of the pin position and aim to get as close as possible. Putts from the top of the green coming back down to the bottom commonly exit the putting surface and end up in the rough. Plan accordingly and try to stick your approach shot close. If you are on in three, and close to the pin, a bogey is still an excellent outcome on this difficult hole.