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Welcome back to the Hackers Guide to Handara! This week, we tackle lucky number 13 in the hopes of making a simple, easy bogey. At stroke index 4, this short par 4 is an easy bogey in the making. Let’s look at an easy to follow game plan that will make bogey easily achievable.

As a bogey golfer aiming for a score of 90, we are playing off the white tees. From this tee box, the middle of the green is only 370 yards away, giving us a second consecutive short par 4 hole.

Hole 13 at Handara Golf & Resort Bali

handara golf hole 13
The view from the 13th Tee

This hole is one where you should decide your strategy based on your ability to hit a driver off the tee. If you can hit a driver consistently straight with a reasonable 230-yard carry, this hole presents a fair opportunity to be up the hill and on the green in two strokes.

If you are not a power driver or if you have the tendency to slice the driver badly, it is smart to lay up before the left fairway bunkers. Those bunkers play at 185 yards but are slightly uphill. A solid 170-yard shot will leave you in a good position to be on the green in three shots with an easy chance for bogey.

hole number 13 handara
Fairway view of the 13th green at Handara Golf & Resort

No matter your approach shot, plan for a miss to the left in order to keep the right-side greenside bunker out of play. Getting on the putting surface helps eliminate those dreaded double and triple bogeys. Lag your putt close, tap it in, and walk away. Simple, right?

Join us next week as we head over to hole 14 and continue looking at each hole from a bogey golfer’s perspective. Thank you for reading the Hackers’ Guide to Handara!