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Whew, we’ve now closed out the front 9 without any major blow ups. Let’s head on over to hole 10 as we continue the Hackers’ Guide to Handara.

Hole 10 Handara Bali - tee box
Tee box at Hole 10

Hole 10 at Handara Golf and Resort Bali is fairly straightforward. Golfers will tee off downhill to an open fairway. Trees line the left so it is advisable to play your tee shot a bit out to the right. Players with a heavy fade (ahem, slicers!) should be careful to avoid the thick rough on the right which also features enough trees to complicate your attempt at obtaining bogey on this hole.

With the white tees playing at only 366 yards, players in our handicap range are often wise to choose a hybrid or long iron off the tee. If you are confident (and straight!) with a fairway wood, this is also a sensible choice. A shot that puts you out around 180-200 yards will leave you with a very tempting similar second shot to be on in two.

Avoid the ambition and you will avoid the greenside bunkers that guard both the left and right sides of the green. My best choice on this hole after driving the fairway with a 4i is to go gap wedge, gap wedge to be on in three. From there, it is a simple two putt for bogey. On the times I have let my ambition get the better of me and put the ball into one of the bunkers, I often open myself up to a six or seven on the scorecard. Lesson learned, keep those bunkers out of play!

Hole 10 at Handara Golf & Resort Bali

Handara 10 Green Hackers Guide
10th Green at Handara Bali Golf and Resort

With sensible decision making and reasonably struck shots, bogey golf doesn’t have to be stressful. Join us next week as we head over to hole 11 and continue looking at each hole from a bogey golfer’s perspective. Thank you for reading the Hackers’ Guide to Handara!