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5th Tee at Handara Golf & Resort BaliAchieving a bogey on this hole is a challenging prospect indeed. Welcome to the 5th hole here at Handara Golf & Resort Bali!

Our Hackers Guide to Handara takes us to the fantastic hole 5 this week which for anyone who has played at Handara Golf & Resort Bali, stands out in your mind for one reason….the green! The 5th green at Handara Golf & Resort may just be the toughest putting surface in Bali.

Anyway, let’s not get ahead of ourselves, before we can deal with the green we need to deal with our tee shot.

Tee off on Hole 5 @ Handara Golf Resort

The tee shot on the par 4 hole 5 at Handara is fairly straight forward. There is a nice bunker on the left side that comes into play if your tee shot is a bit short and to the left but other than that the hazards are minimal. The key to this hole is your second shot. If you are not a long hitter the best way to play this hole is to take your second shot short of the green so that you have a gentle pitch on from 40 – 80 yard, depending on what your preference is. Make sure you have a look at the pin placement as you will need to get the third shot close.

With the green, if you are more than a few yards away then you may have a problem. If you hit too long and end up at the top of the green then you are going to be looking at a very steep downhill slope. When your caddie tell you it is really fast, believe him. I have seen 6 and 7 putts from some of my golfing friends on this hole. Better to be short and have an uphill putt but that is still very challenging given the slope.

Most of all, enjoy this hole! Golf is all about having fun and when this hole swallows you up just forget about it and move onto the next, there is always another day.

hole 5

That is hole 5 at Handara Golf & Resort Bali. Let’s remove that from our minds and head over to hole 6 where we will hopefully get another bogey. See you next week!