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Hole 4 at the Handara Golf course is a beautiful yet challenging par 3. Our hackers guide is taking you through each hole of this historical course with a view to getting a bogey round. Let’s hope that next year I can write about getting more pars than bogeys, but for now I am aiming at all of you golfers who just want to play a little bit better!

Tee off on Hole 4 @ Handara Golf Resort

The challenging part of this hole is the amount of bunkers that are surrounding the green both on the right and the left of the hole at the front of the green.

Big tip – don’t leave your tee shot short.

It’s worth clubbing up and heading a little bit long so you avoid those nasty bunkers. Just make sure that you keep your tee shot relatively straight as you have a lot of green to play with. There are a couple of small bunkers over the back but they should not come into play on this hole.

Once on the green you have a fairly straight forward journey to the hole. The green is fairly flat and should not cause too many problems. This is one hole where you have a strong possibility of a par, go grab it!

Hole 4 at Handara Golf & Resort Bali
Hol 4 at Handara Golf & Resort Bali in Bedegul

That was hole 4, a fairly straight forward par 3. We now have to move onto the notorious hole 5 that has one of the toughest greens I have ever played on.

Wish me luck!