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One of the best reasons why I love playing golf at Handara Golf & Resort Bali is the climate. Today, as I stand on the tee box on hole 3 the sun is blazing, there’s a bright blue sky and yet we don’t have that stifling heat that we have down in South Bali. Up in Bedegul the temperature is so cool and it makes for a much more pleasurable round of golf.

Tee off on Hole 3 @ Handara Golf Resort

Hole 3 at Handara Golf is one of the most recognizable holes on the course. The reason I love it so much is that 90% of the time I get to see my golf buddy slice his tee shot so far right that he ends up right in the midst of an overgrown creek; very rarely does he find his ball in there! If we are playing match play then I am pretty certain on winning this hole.

So the lesson for any of you golfers out there who like to slice your tee shot is to think about hitting well left on this fairway. If you can hit straight then just aim for the red flowers that sit straight ahead in your view point. All you need with your first tee shot is to get in the middle of the fairway but be careful, the left side is OB so make sure you stay away from that.

For the second shot, assuming you are in the fairway then you have the choice of two shots. The longer hitting golfer, and more adventurous may head straight to the green. That could be anything between 170 – 130 yards away, depending on your tee shot. The other option is to cross the creek to the right, leaving you with a simple chip on to the green for your third shot.

This is the shot for us bogey golfers…..keep it nice and simple!

The green on this hole is also fairly straight forward, a nice little pitch onto the green from a hundred yards or less and you can get close to the pin. The green is fairly flat and not so challenging like some other greens here at Handara. Keep a nice steady and consistent putter action and you can hole in with 2 putts.

That’s the route to a nice bogey on Hole 3 at Handara Golf & Resort Bali.

So that’s 3 holes down, 15 to go. I am now heading over to see if I can get a bit of hole in one action on the next hole, the second par 3 of the round.

If you have any input or questions then we would love to hear from you, let us know if you need more information about any of the holes we are writing about. And finally, get yourself up to Bedugul and play golf…..we all know that golfers live longer!