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Last week our Hackers Guide to Handara Golf & Resort Bali explored hole 1 so today we are going to give our input on hole 2, a beautiful par 3. We are taking a journey through Bali’s most historic golf course- Handara Golf & Resort Bali- from the perspective of the average, high-handicap golfer.

Handara Golf Resort - Hole 2, par 3It just so happens that I played the course yesterday and was lucky enough to get a par on hole 2. However, our hackers guide is focused on the bogey golfer so let’s start there.

Tee off on Hole 2 @ Handara Golf Resort

When you stand on the tee box you will notice that the green is protected on the front left by some bunkers and there are also some bunkers on the right side. On the left hand side you have a bit of a hillside that can kick you on to the green should miss your tee shot a bit left and short.

For those you that like to draw your shots you need to be a little careful with some of the overhanging trees on the right of the fairway. I have got caught up in there before and it can be a bit embarrassing when my first shot only manages about 50 yards.

Yesterday I hit my first shot quite well but it was a little short and to the left, I have a bit of a wicked draw at times, but I was lucky enough to hit that hillside I just mentioned and I managed to get bumped onto the green, about 4 or 5 yards from the pin.

The green on this whole is fairly straight forward assuming you are not too far away from the flag. I managed to two putt for a par. With all of the holes at Handara, if you are some way away then it is best to try and get that putt as close as you can for the first shot. A 2 putt on these greens is more than respectable given how challenging some of them can be.

So that’s hole 1 and 2 done and dusted. I am now heading over to one of my favorite holes, hole 3, as it has a pretty challenging dog leg right that puts my draw under the spotlight. Join us next week as we experience Hole 3 at Handara Resort & Golf Bali. If you have any input or questions then we would love to hear from you, especially any of you pro’s or low handicap golfers…..there are a few of us who really appreciate advice.