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Golfing in the wind can be a very frustrating experience. In these conditions, golfers are unable to control distance and maintain their concentration thus leading to a loss of confidence. As the wind picks up, one’s strategy is often rendered useless, even on a familiar course.

Golf Wind Tips

Golf Wind Tips

Most people have no idea how to play on a windy day. So, if you’re looking to improve your game and acquire new skills, read on to learn some helpful golf wind tips.

  • When its breezy, swing easy – When the wind is blowing, most people imagine that they need to hit harder in order to compensate for the wind. This mistake leads to a poor game because hitting the ball harder often ends up with more backspin. Therefore, when the wind is blowing against the ball, simply make a smooth and controlled 80 degree swing.
  • Club up, choke down – As mentioned above, speed will cause your ball to spin in windy conditions. Given this knowledge, you’ll need to grab an extra club and then choke down slightly. This move will give you more control of your club and stiffen your shaft. A stiffer shaft will create less clubhead speed and will lessen the ball’s spin.
  • Weight forward and ball back – If your ball is in the air for a longer period of time, the wind will have more time to affect it. Keep your shots low in order to keep your scores low. Move your ball slightly back in your stance and shift a bit of your weight forward so that your hands are in front of the ball during impact. This will lead to lower ball flight and less loft.
  • Ride it or fight it – When the wind is blowing, one of the main golf wind tips that will be given to you will be to understand the effect of the wind on the ball, as the wind will surely cause your ball to drift slightly, or in some cases a lot, depending on how strong the gusts are. If you are right handed and the wind is sweeping to the left, consider hitting a fade directly towards the target. This creates a sidespin that thwarts the wind and allows you to shoot fairly straight. In certain situations though, the wind works in your favor and helps you sink the ball.
  • Don’t take risks – The most important of all golf wind tips is to know when to back off and simply cut your losses. Take advantage of par 3s and 4s in order to get the ball where you need it to go. This is not the time to challenge any fairway bunkers or chase sucker pins. Focus your attention on the widest part of the fairway, and when you get into trouble, accept and move on.

So next time the gales blow, use these tips and you’ll be as cool as a summer breeze. If you’ve got any tips or techniques you’d like to share that have been successful for you, please feel free to send us an email.