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Every good golfer knows that great putting abilities can affect your golf scores. Every great golfer also knows that speed control is key and they also know that all the best putters have three things in common and one of these is definitely great putting speed control. To achieve this, keep in mind the following:


Check Posture – Putting is what usually turns your strikes into scores that can be quantified.  This is the reason why most people hit the ball and then check to see where it landed.  As humans, this may be a natural thing to do, but it can also be dangerous.  By doing so, you’ll quickly unfold from your address posture to track your golf ball – and cause a poor putter and strike that cuts across your ball clear through to impact. It is best to remember that whenever you putt; retain your posture until your ball comes to a finish.

Connection Drill – Most people would think that the momentum of their putt comes from their hands.  In reality, the momentum comes directly from the bigger, core muscles. To get consistent, smooth moves, try to make sure that your arms are moving along nicely with your body’s movements. A drill that can help you is to put the headcover of your putter under your collar then simply rock it back and forth as you make several practice strokes. This will take your focus off your hands and the ball and put it on your shoulders which are the true engines of your stroke. By doing this, you will train your body to initiate momentum while strengthening the connection between your arms and body.

Round the Clock – This is the perfect drill to help you achieve the consistency you need for a reliable putting stroke. Position 3 golf balls in 4 evenly spaced position around the hole. Make sure that they are 3 feet away from your target. You want to hit (go round the clock) 3 times with a maximum of one miss.  If you get two misses, you need to start over.  It is essential that you pay attention to your set up for each putt you hit. Give them all the same level of importance, and reset yourself between each putt. If you manage to sink all 12 balls in a row, move back to 4 feet and start again.

Putting Speed Control

Speed Control – Train your feel for speed or pace and you will be sure that soon you’ll be able to enjoy great putting. To do this, you will need to improve your instincts when hitting a putt. Practice and you’ll be able to achieve this easily; find a 20 feet putt that is flat and make a few practice swings with several balls, all the while keeping your eye on the hole before putting. Once you’ve hit the ball, close your eyes and imagine if your ball is right, long or short. Now open your eyes to see if you were right.  This drill will help you understand just how important it is to estimate distance and how hard to hit each putt you face.

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