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Many golfers think golf is all about hitting the ball farther than their competitors. To make sure they achieve this, they spend a lot of money on golf lessons and the newest and best drivers.

What most golfers do not know, is that with basic training in swing speed, they can add thirty to forty yards in under one month. Where distance is concerned, your swing speed is of importance. Pro golfers swing at a speed between 105 and 130 miles an hour, while regular golfers swing at a speed of between 70 to 95 miles an hour. Looking at the numbers, you can easily see why their distances differ.

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In order to increase the swing speed, you will need to make sure that your fundamentals are sound. You need to know where the power of your swing originates from. Here are some of the things you need to be working on:

  • Levers – Your wrists are your levers when it comes to swinging. As you pull back, they tend to hinge and you should keep them like this until just prior to making impact. If you release them too early, you will waste energy by casting your club. The levers will give you a burst of energy at the last second, that will last through impact.
  • Upper Body vs. Lower Body – Your rotation is very important. Your lower and upper body should rotate against each other. Your upper body will need to twist 90ᵒ, which means that your back should face the top of your target. Your hips on the other hand should be at a 45ᵒ angle. It is the difference of these angles that creates the power and torque needed for your swing.
  • Lag – This is one of those golf tips that most people do not often remember. Lag will turn your smooth regular swing to absolute power. In the downswing, the angle between the left forearm and the shaft is the lag. If the angle is bigger, the lag will be creating greater ‘whip’. As you swing, release your elbow angle and then wrist your angle to increase the speed of all the way through impact.
  • Strength and Flexibility – This is one of the more common golf tips; increase both flexibility and strength in order to increase the speed of your swing.

Whether you want to test out your skills or get a lesson with a professional instructor, Handara Golf Resort offers both. With an 18 holes course you have plenty of playground to improve your swing speed!