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In my last post I talked about membership in Indonesian golf clubs. Here is more information on what you can expect as a member.

The Caddies

You will find that Indonesian caddies are usually young women although here at Handara we have the majority of male caddies. Fees for the caddies vary realty from course to course and it is customary to always tip your caddie. How much tip should you give? Well, I normally decide after the round to see how well they have helped me. In Bali, an average would be around 100,000 – 200,000 tip but feel free to tip more if you feel they worked hard for you.

Driving Ranges

In the Jakarta area, you will be able to find several of these. They have driving ranges in Wijaya, Senayan, in West Jakarta Taman Aries, Kemang, Prestasi Golf Andalan located close to the club store in the central business district. In Bali, all of the major golf courses such as Handara, Bali National, New Kuta Golf and Nirwana have a driving range. At Handara Golf & Resort Bali we also have 3 immaculate practice greens so you can hone those skills prior to tackling the challenging greens. For local residents, tourists and expatriates interested in a quick and cost-effective practice session, Sanur also plays host to the Udayana driving range (open morning to night) and also Sector driving range, located at Bali Beach Golf Course (open after dark only).


Golf Handara Indonesia


Browse the Pro Shops

In major urban centers like Jakarta, you will also find pro shops that sell quality golf clubs and golf accessories. Many of them can be found within malls or at the major golf courses. Even though they tend to be a tad costlier than they are in the countries of manufacture, they come in great variety for you to choose from.

The pro shops located within a golf course will also have a pro who can help you improve on your game and your swing. You may even find that a few of them are expatriates. Visiting pros also tend to hold golf workshops from time to time.

All of the golf courses in Bali have pro shops carrying a wide variety of golf apparel. Some pro shops also carry equipment, but selection is often limited. For retail new and used golf gear, there are three main shops- Ruci Golf in Sanur, Golf Bagus in Nusa Dua, and Planet Sports in Centro.

Participate in Golf Tournaments

There are several world-class events that are organized from year to year. The organizers include local businesses, multinationals, community associations and golf clubs. The prizes won are usually quite significant. International tournaments are also held from time to time. Here at Handara Golf and Resort we run numerous tournaments and events each year.

Golf Clubs for the Community

Expatriates tend to play together in informal groups. The communities they have set up have names such as Tee set and Vikings, among others. They have formed associations based on nationalities and usually hold monthly events. By playing with one of the clubs, you will be able to maintain or improve your handicap and you don’t have to pay individual membership fees. A very good association that we have in Bali is the Par5 Club that caters for hundreds of golfers in Bali offering great rate and incentives for golfers. You can see more information about them here –

I definitely have to get on the green now to do a practice session. On my last round the putts were just not going in so I need to practice.

Next time I will finish off this first series of articles before I start writing some information on how to play at Handara Golf & Resort Bali.