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Ever wondered what a golfer meant when they remarked how smooth another player’s swing is?

Let us clear it up for you. Strike your shots perfectly by paying attention to your timing. Many golfers come across frustration because they lack in consistency. Improving your tempo, rhythm, and timing that are key to impacting the quality of your shots. With the help of Handara’s in-house golf instructors, we’re here to give you golf tips and pointers to improve your game performance.

An Introduction to Timing

The fundamentals of golfing includes tempo, rhythm and timing. These terms are often used when describing a golf swing, but what are we really talking about? There is without a doubt that all three are crucial items to every golfer in order to strike perfectly. An understanding of how the concept relates to your golfing habits — and how to discover your own routine — will help you make the most of your golf swing.

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  • Tempo– In golf, tempo is referred to as the overall speed of your swing. It is the total time it takes in order to execute your golf swing from beginning to end. A good tempo is one of the keys to a consistent swing.
  • Rhythm– The harmony of a good rhythm and balance in a player can produce a smooth strike. Rhythm is a consistent pattern of regular beats, and in golf it refers to a recurring pattern of even movements back and through.


The concept of timing in relation to your golf swing is something that is difficult to communicate (especially for those who are new to golf). To grasp exactly the components of great timing is to understand the key physical parts in a swing that work together and form the perfect swing — the club head, the hands, and the torso. Once these physical elements are assembled at the setup, next is to deliver an efficient swing.

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 4 Timing Drills you can practice

  • Feel it – Lose the tension in your grip. The tighter you hold the club, the less speed you apply. The less swing speed you apply, the less distance you strike the ball. The more you grip the golf club with your hands, the less you swing with your body; it’s a chain reaction. To re discover your feeling towards holding your golf club, try holding it as lightly as possible. As you set your hands on the club, feel as if the forefinger and thumb of both hands are in control, the rest are purely there for support. This will soften your grip and give you a more flexible release through the ball.
  • Accelerate – If your timing goes wrong, this problem stems from striking the ball too hard. Remember: golf is not a game of power, but of patience. The desire of extra distance can cause golfers to over-rotate into a backswing that restricts the power you put in and disrupt your timing. A simple way to prevent this to create a shorter backswing and swing all the way through to a full finish. This will help you to accelerate the club through impact and find the crisp contact you are looking for.
  • Synchronize – Have time to test out what you’ve just read up? Head down to your local golf range. The aim of this practice is to keep the club shaft out in front of you throughout the shot. At the address, top of your backswing, impact and in the finish, the club head should be pointing directly away from your chest. Manage to get this image in your mind as you swing and the synchronization between your body and arms will improve.
  • Release – If you’re still losing your desired shots, you may be releasing your lower body too quickly. This causes the club head to get left behind as your body turns. In this instance, you need to slow down your lower body release. Hit your practice shots with a wider stance. This will help your arms stay connected to the rotation of your body for cleaner strikes.

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