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Being eco-friendly isn’t only about being politically correct, it’s about being practical as well.

With a large number of tourists flocking to the island and the fast development, Bali is beginning to grow a long list of environmental issues. As recently said: Bali is paying the price for its own success. We want you to enjoy and soak in the island of the Gods while being eco-conscious. Below are hip and simple ways to travel North Bali while being environmentally aware:

1. Say no to plastic bags

Luckily, the island has become aware of the overuse of plastic bags. A local company known as Avani has stepped up their eco game to engineer eco products that are sustainable, biodegradable, and compostable. If the store you’re at doesn’t use their services to pack goods, you can bring your own bag or buy one of the beautifully woven bags in Bali.


Say-No-To-Plastic-Bag in the north Bali

Plastic bags are one of the biggest headaches for Mother Nature, it takes forever to decompose. It could even outlive your children’s children for it to begin to start decomposing. What’s worse is that if it ends up in the ocean, it will be responsible for the deaths of much marine life.

2. Look out for water refill stations

Drinking tap water in Bali is a no go, it’s harsh and possibly contaminated. However, staying hydrated is an essential part of your journey while exploring the island. Instead of buying a new bottle and chucking it every time, there are restaurants all over the island that are happy to refill your reusable water bottle!

Refill Your water

3. Buy hip, local, eco-friendly products to support the growing awareness in the island

Show your sustainable side and love for the island through these cool local products:

  • Indosole: A stylish footwear recycled from vehicle tires. 100% handmade without fuel powered machinery.
  • Eco-friendly rain ponchos: Being a tropical island, it’s bound to rain in Bali. Instead of the environmentally hazardous ponchos sold on the side of the road, try Avani’s Bioware Eco-poncho. They are also certified biodegradable and compostable.
  • Bambooku linen wear and living essentials: Bamboo based furniture is common. But bamboo based towels or t-shirts? Who knew something as sturdy as the bamboo plant can be turned into soft and extremely comfortable linen wear with hypo-allergenic and antibacterial properties! Using bamboo is a viable and sustainable alternative to using cotton to produce living essentials.

4. Take part in community and environmentally friendly activities

Without a doubt it’s more convenient to be in a private car with a driver while touring North Bali. However, this contributes to heavy traffic and pollution. There is a growing abundance of eco-tourism that involves organized group tours, downhill mountain biking, white water rafting, and trekking that will take you to Bali’s most exciting and authentic spots passing traditional villages and breathtaking sceneries. Handara Resorts offers nature sensation packages complete with eco-tourism and North Bali’s most beautiful hidden gems.

Nature-of-Bali north bali

Prepare yourself for a greener Bali experience by implementing these eco travel tips curated by Handara Resorts. Handara Resorts is a one stop golf resort that offers one of the world’s most scenic golf courses strategically located in the comfortable setting of North Bali. We take pride in the island’s uniqueness where the resort is surrounded by lush green mountains and pristine lakes, taking major action to conserve it.

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