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If you are a golfing enthusiast, you appreciate how important the right driver is. Many golfers spend countless hours on the course yet they never enjoy the experience because they use the wrong drivers. Worse still, many others spend thousands of dollars but this never solves their swing problems.

Well, choosing the right driver doesn’t have to be too hard. You can easily up your game by choosing the right drivers using the following tips:

Choosing the Right Club Head

This is one of the toughest decisions when you hit the sports store.

There are three club head sizes:

  • Small cub head – This is lightweight, allowing for better
    control of your swing. However, you might be sacrificing distance in order to have a better shot with lower risk for errors.
  • Large club head – This has a larger mass, which is an advantage for longer shots. It also creates more momentum and is more forgiving on a miss hit.

Medium-sized club heads give a compromise between the small and large club head. When buying, consider your needs; do you want better shots over a distance or are you looking for better control?

Choosing the Right Shaft

Golf Driver

The shaft can be said to be the motor of your golf club. It largely determines your swing performance. But it is also one of the most neglected aspects when shopping for a golf driver. The material you chose determines the flex which is the bend of the shaft. Flex is the ability of the club to load during a back swing. The slower your swing, the more flex you will need while for a golfer with a fast swing, a stiffer shaft is recommended.

Choosing the Loft

The measure of the angle of the club head is important. A greater loft offers more control but less distance. For slow swings, greater loft is required while for a faster swing, less loft is ideal.

The Right Driver Length

The length of your club determines your positioning on your ball during a swing. A longer shaft gives more distance but is harder to control.

Talk To A Golfing Professional

If you really want to enjoy your game, be ready to get some advice.  A golfing pro at your store or even your regular club will give you insightful tips on the right length, best brands, golfing strategies and so much more. A golfing pro at your local store will fit you with the right driver, which saves your game and a lot of money.

Take your time to research about golf drivers and you will enjoy a better game. Stay tuned to our blog to get more information about Bali and Golf tips.