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“Adventure is worthwhile”- Aesop. This quote stands true when it comes to discovering the untouched parts of the island of Bali.

It is almost impossible to run out of activities to do, culture and tradition to witness, and extravagant flora and fauna to see. For wandering adventurers seeking for something new, Bali offers discoveries like nowhere else in the world. Get up close with nature’s wonders from mesmerizing waterfalls, pristine beaches, unique crater lakes, and lush paddy fields that await you in North Bali.

The environment

Being the greenest part of Bali, the north provides explorers with a diverse range of tourist spots and activities to do, and there is something for everyone.

For those who can’t resist the sight of the ocean, Lovina beach is the only place in North Bali to satiate that hunger. Complemented by calm waves, rows of palm trees and sun-kissed sand, Lovina beach is a destination for relaxation. The area stretched over 8km of coastal villages – Kalibukbuk, Kaliasem, Tukad Mungga, and Anturan – all collectively known as Lovina.

27km from Handara Golf and Resort, 50 min ride with a taxi

Lovina Bali one of the best destination after golf in bali

A short drive from Lovina beach is the aesthetically pleasing Royal Palace of Singaraja, which glows with historical vibes with its European building styles. Locally referred to as Puri Agung Singaraja, the palace represents a significant fraction of the region’s rich, cultural heritage. Located in the centre of town, you can drop by the palace at any time and observe the architecturally unique fusion of Balinese heritage with a western touch.

25km from Handara Golf and Resort, 40 min ride with taxi

Pojok Batu Temple North Bali
Source: balibible

Experience spiritual energy and pacify your soul at Pura Ponjok Batu. Otherwise, in English known as Stone Cape, this ancient and spiritual place has a distinct rock promontory, where between the crevices grows the most beautiful and aromatic frangipani trees and shrubs. This Balinese Hindu temple is dedicated to worship Ida Sang Hyang Widhi, the supreme God.

50km from Handara Golf and Resort, 1-hour ride with a taxi

Banjar Hot Spring

Rest your weary legs after a day of exploration soaking in the healing waters of North Bali’s natural hot spring at the Banjar Hot Spring. As one of the most effective ways to wind down in nature, the sacred hot spring is surrounded by thick foliage. The sulphuric components in the hot ponds of warm water is believed to cure skin diseases and gushes from the mouths of stone-carved mythical dragons. Amongst locals, the hot springs are known as the “Magical waters of Bali”.

30km from Handara Golf and Resort, 1-hour ride with a taxi

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