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Handara Resorts invites you and your family to enjoy the natural wonders of North Bali. Where hidden treasures are waiting to be discovered. Far away from the buzzing districts of Kuta and Seminyak, North Bali offers aesthetically stunning activities that will keep the whole family busy for the entire holiday and be wanting more.

View-from-the-Restaurant to the north bali

Strategically located in Singaraja, North Bali, Handara Resorts is your one-stop golf resort that caters to an adventure filled family holiday in Bali. Offering exclusive nature sensation packages for everyone that will refresh the mind, body, and soul in Bali’s most exotic districts. Stay with us to experience modern comfort furnished with chic fixtures and a touch of Indonesian culture.

Close to Singaraja, you will find iconic tourist spots such as Banjar Gigit, Lovina, Sembiran, Sangsit, Air Sanih, Pemuteran, Menjangan and Seririt. The route to these districts offer the most scenic landscapes featuring endless rice paddy fields, waterfalls, and if you’re heading early to these places, the most beautiful sunrise. As one of the very few family friendly and facilitated resorts in North Bali, we have created a list of activities tailored for you and the little ones to enjoy during your holiday getaway Bali.

Explore Bali’s second largest city.

Singaraja is the capital of the Buleleng Regency that covers most of North Bali. Filled with lush tropical palm trees that line the streets and surviving Dutch colonial buildings that add a touch of history to your experience in Bali.

Singaraja north Balli
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Today, Singaraja stands as a major educational and cultural center, taking the children here will give them traditional insight to what Bali was like before it became Indonesia’s tourist hotspot.

Water north Bali activities at Lovina beach.

North Bali isn’t only about the rich greenery and marvelous mountains, but it is also home to one of Bali’s best beach escapes. Lovina beach, just 40 minutes away from Handara Resorts, is a sleepy coastal village serving as an alternative to the more crowded beaches to the south of the island.

Dolphin at North Bali Lovina

The beach offers calmer waves and untouched black sand shores for the children to play to their heart’s desire while you and your loved one can indulge in cheap, ice cold sunset Bintang specials. Don’t miss out on the gentle sunrise and sunsets that highlight majestic dolphins and vibrant traditional fishing boats finishing up for the day.

The natural pool at Air Sanih.

Situated in Singaraja, Air Sanih is a natural public pool known to the Balinese as cold water springs. The springs is surrounded by tropical palm trees that offers the entire family an experience to wind down after a long day of trekking or exploring. Air Sanih is the only natural pools available in Bali that is supplied fresh from the ground.

Incredible diving and snorkeling at Menjangan and Pemuteran.

Virgin underwater wonders can be found at Menjangan and Pemutaran, located in northwest Buleleng. Pemuteran is where the sea meets the mountains, with beautiful mornings that shine over the tranquil waters of North Bali.

snorkeling in north Bali Menjangan

The unspoiled island of Menjangan, also known as ‘Deer Island’ offers a lot of activities for your children to enjoy. Ranging from snorkeling the underwater life of unmatched richness to observing the wild deer herds go about their day.

The activities for your family in North Bali don’t only limit to those recommended above. Stay with us at Handara Resorts and book and find out more here for the many nature sensation packages we offer for the ultimate family holiday in Bali.