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When you play golf, there are certain things that you should avoid in order to play a good game as follows:

play golfDistractions – During downtime, the worst thing you can do is allow your mind to wander. These distractions are the best way to get your current shot wrong. It is better to keep your mind focused on your current play by asking questions like, ‘what is the best angle to come in from? How is the lie of this ball going to affect the shot?’ With such questions, you will be able to keep your focus on the shot that you are currently taking and arrest your wandering mind.

Score Obsession – If you are only focused on the scores, you will easily get distracted. The reason is that it creates tension and anxiety. Create a mental routine that will keep you focused on the shot you are currently making. Take a deep breath and then turn your attention to the shot you are about to take. Understand that you only have control over your current shot, so keep your focus there and make a relaxed and confident swing.

Emotional reactions – Everybody makes a poor shot from time to time, but reacting emotionally to it and allowing frustration to set it can make your game even poorer. Your decision making will be affected and your tension levels will rise. The game will cease to be enjoyable to you. With a good reaction to a poor shot, you will be able to keep the proper mindset needed to take the next shot. Learn from your mistakes and move on.

No Course Management – It is important to know your limitations and your strengths whenever you are on the course. Play the game based on your regular patterns and not on ego. This will ensure that you are more relaxed and comfortable when playing, which will lead to a better game. Making great decisions on the course is based on the game you usually play with confidence. Do that and you will see better scores.

Loss of confidence – You need to believe that you can successfully hit a shot. When you get on the course, forget about worst case scenarios and poorly taken shots. Get rid of the fear and doubt and begin visualizing the perfect shot. Ensure that you have positive self-talk and work on the shots that generally trouble you. You will do great!

By avoiding those things when you play golf will help you get good golf experiences. Now, you are ready to enjoy our golf course at Handara Golf and Resort even more.