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If you are a golf enthusiast, it is highly likely that the variety of golf wedges available still confounds you. Wedges come in different forms and when starting out, you might get confused by all the labels attached to them. The purpose of the wedge can also be tricky especially for beginners.

golf wedges

The situation is made worse by the fact that manufacturers use more jargon to encourage players to buy their products. The bottom-line is that the difference in loft makes different wedges applicable in different situations of the game.

To simplify things, here is a simple guide on the variety of golf wedges and how you can use them to improve your game:

Pitching Wedge
The typical loft for a pitching wedge is 46 degrees although you will find those with between 44 and 50 degrees. This is used to hit a ball between 110 to 140 yards. This is the wedge to use when trying for the green. This is because the ball flies high, which means it won’t roll very far from the greens and this makes things easier for you.

Sand Wedge
Sand traps and bunkers are the worst nightmare for every player. This is the reason the sand wedge was created in order to help you hit the ball out of the bunker. They have a loft of between 54 and 58 degrees. A sand wedge is shorter than other clubs and helps you hit 80 to 110 yards. This is a versatile option, which a good player can use on the sand, rough or the fairway.

Gap Wedge
This wedge has a loft of between 46 and 54 degrees. They are ideal when you have a shot that is too short and where a pitching wedge is not ideal. If the shot is too long for a sand wedge, a gap wedge is the best option. When you hit a gap wedge, the ball flies high about 90 to 110 yards. They are not included in the standard golf clubs set and when shopping for one, ensure its loft is between that of your pitching and sand wedge.

Lob Wedge
This is not an item in your standard golf club set, but it nevertheless helps your game. It has the highest loft among other wedges at 60 to 65 degrees. It is ideal for precise shots on the green. Players hit a lob wedge under 80 yards sending the ball high in the air.

Now that you know which wedge to use in a particular situation, go out and try it out at Handara Golf and Resort.