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Golf is one of the most stimulating sports and it is no wonder it receives a lot of global attention. It not only helps golf player to bond but also improves your health. However, you can only enjoy golfing if you are playing it right. Many new players end up frustrated because they can seem to get it right and this is counterproductive.

If you are a struggling with your swing, here are ideas to up your game:

Proper Alignment
Many golf player struggles to align everything at a go and this is a common problem with amateurs. To get it right, first look at your target to get a perspective of the hole. Before getting into your stance align the club face with the ball and target. Once this is done, align your body; there is no one trick on how to do this, but avoid aligning your body directly at the target as this leads to crossovers. Try aligning your lower body to the left of the target line and the upper part parallel to the target line.
golf player

Choose the Right Club
However, good a golf player you are, the wrong club choice will ruin your shot. While the length matters depending on the hole consider other factors including hazards, the wind and most importantly the type of approach shot to follow. Choose a 3-wood to improve your chances of hitting the fairway.

Good Grip
A solid grip is a key to a good shot. Hold the club tightly with a gloved hand and then the ungloved hand comfortably around the handle. Your thumb and index fingers should form a 2 Vs and must point towards your right shoulder.

Maintain your Stance
If you are struggling to hit the ball, you are most likely changing your stance. Maintain your stance even when you change clubs.

Leverage the Wind
While the wind is considered a major obstacle, you can in fact take advantage of it as opposed to playing against it. You should allow for the wind when hitting the ball in such a way that the wind pushes it towards your target.

Miss to the Higher Side of the Hole
Amateur golf player believes that missing on the pro side of the hole is better, but this is a myth. With a miss on the lower side of the hole, you are giving yourself a chance because the ball might just roll into the hole.

Work on Your Bunker Shots
The greatest fear for new players is of course the sand shot. You don’t have to dig into the sand because the wedge gets stuck and so does the ball. Instead, think of a full finish shot.

Improve your Chip Shots
Don’t underestimate the value of a chip shot to improve your game. To do this, you must stack your body weight, the shaft and left should all be stacked on your left leg for better ball control.

Now go out and practice these tips and you will become a better golf player. Enjoy your game here at Handara Golf and Resort