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One of the shots golf ball hit while playing golf is the fade. It is often recommended for the following reasons:

  • It is an easier shot to hit than if you attempted a draw – Even if you are not at the top of your game, you can still make some good scores. Most people imagine that a fade curves from the left to the right in a wild manner. Not at all! It actually starts off going slightly left and then as it is coming down, falls to the right slightly. This curvature is hit on purpose and is not because the person’s swing was faulty.
  • The fade is also considered better than a draw because it will usually stop much quicker on the green, especially if you used a long iron. It tends to fly higher because it has more backspin. It tends to stop faster if it goes higher.
  • Finally, you will find that golf holes have actually been designed to favor shots that curve in this manner. As such, a fade allows you to take advantage of how they are set up.

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Types of Fades

As a golfer, you can hit two types of fades. There is the ‘real fade’ and the fade referred to as ‘over the top fade.’ This may not necessarily be your regular shot, but there are certain times when you will be required to hit a ball that curves around a tree or some other obstacle. If your favorite shot is a draw, then when you need to hit a fade you will need to remember to take up the right body position and stance so you can hit a real fade.

Posturing Your Body for a ‘Real Fade’

This shot will curve from the left side to the right about 5 yards if you use irons no 8 and up, and about 10 yards if you use woods. You will need to have an open stance and proper body alignment in order to hit it. The swing will then create a path that sends the golf ball towards the left side of your target line. This will give an open clubface position that will send the golf ball spinning from the left and then to the right and then back to your target line. Remember then to keep an open stance and align your body.

Hitting a ‘Real Fade’

You simply need to understand exactly what you want to achieve and then position your body and take the right stance in order to hit a ‘real fade.’

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