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Sergio Garcia, Phil Mickelson, Miguel Angel Jimenez, Tiger Woods, Arnold Palmer. These golf greats, through the years, have all perfected one skill. It is a skill every golfer dreams about and one which they are ready to give everything for. It is a skill that can help overturn even the most hopeless situation on the golf course. This skill is eliminating a golf hook in order to hit a straight shot.

Of course there are many conditions that can prevent a perfect straight shot, but in most cases a golf hook can and may affect even the best golfers on the course. If you really want to avoid the frustration of a defective swing, it is time to get more insight on the matter and some secrets on how to solve the problem once and for all.

Transform Your Hook - Golf Tips

Golf Tips – What is a Golf Hook Anyway?

A golf hook is where the ball starts on a straight path before curving to the left, or where the ball starts slightly to the right and then curves to the left. This type of shot has ruined many golfers rounds causing frustration on the course.

What Causes a Golf Hook?

Understanding a golf hook is the first step to solving th problem. The two main reasons for a golf hook are:

  • A golfer swings with an inside to out golf swing.
  • The clubface is closed upon impact, meaning the golf club face is closed in relation to the direction the club head is following the moment the ball is hit.

In both situations, the ball curves to the left of the direction of where the player intended to hit the ball.

Treating your Hook

The first obvious cure is having a square clubface at the top of the golf swing. Having a closed clubface right from the beginning will definitely result to hook. To fully correct your golf hook, consider the following:

  • Fix your poor grip – Your top hand should not be too far up on the golf club. Adjust your grip so that you see 2 ½ knuckles on the top of the front hand. Your bottom hand meanwhile, is placed in a neutral position with the ‘V’ pointing right up to the chin.
  • Fixing a bad backswing – A bad backswing causes a closed clubface upon impact. To fix this, take a look at your backswing at the top. Make sure the shaft is over your shoulder and not too much behind you. Also, keep in mind the clubface position. The clubface should “open” on the backswing, relative to the target line. Note that this natural “opening” is done with the turning of the shoulders and torso, and not with a twist in the hands.
  • Fix right hand domination – A dominant right (bottom) hand on your swing inevitably leads to hooking. Make sure to keep this neutral while keeping a strong grip with your left (top) hand.

To cure your golf hook, be aware of your swing, the angle of your clubface and your grip. Stay tuned to our blog for more tips about golf and information about Bali.