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One golf round is based on playing a number of holes in a given order. If you have been messing up your golf game with a few common missteps, it is possible to improve it by correcting these common mistakes. Here are just a few ways to ensure that you enjoy your best golf round yet.

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  • The Fairway – You need to find it. If your problem is the slice, you need to start by lining up your feet before sliding the rear foot backwards some three to five inches. With this step, you will be able to turn easily for your back swing. Additionally, on the downswing, your club will be able to come inside. As such, you will be able to create a draw verses the slice.
  • Shooting to the green – Most people tend to overestimate their strength here. Additionally, they do not hit the ball square with each shot and this tends to reduce the impact causing you to undershoot the green. When selecting the iron needed for this shot, start by estimating the one you need, and then go for the one lower than that one. When hitting the ball, be sure that your nose is in line with the front of your ball so that you can hide down on the ball giving a shot that is much better.
  • Stay out of the Rough – If you are in the weeds, you will need to ensure the ball is 2 inches back in comparison to your regular stance, be sure to choke down two inches on your club and then put your foot two inches back before hitting. You will have lowered your trajectory and gained the control you need. You will also be able to hit your ball at
    an angle that is steeper in order to get out of the weeds.
  • Getting out of the sand – Use a predictable approach. Begin by lining up to the ball’s middle, shift your weight to the leg in front, ensure your wrists are straight and go for hip to hip. Here, you will swing your club to the level of your hip, swing to hit your ball and then end with the head of the club at the hip level. It will get you out almost every time.
  • Putts – You need to become good at long putts because many times your first putt tends to be a long way from the home. If you want to avoid three putting, you just have to be good at the long ones. In the event that you have a bad long putt and the ball is still some five or six feet away from the hole, your chances of missing the second putt are quite high. Practice the long putt and you will end up two putting the hole, so work on those long distance putts.

Most of the time we do not realize our mistake until somebody point at it. Now that you know what possibly causing you not enjoying your golf round, let’s start actually playing golf with Handara Golf and Resort.