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In this week’s installment of the Hackers Guide to Handara, we head over to Hole 12 and hope to continue focusing on the save approach to attaining bogeys on Bali’s most historic golf course.

The white tees on hole 12 play at 364 yards, making this a rather short par 4 hole. With a handicap index of 14, hole 12 presents a fairly straightforward challenge to the bogey golfer.

Hole 12 at Handara Golf & Resort Bali

Handara Bali Hole 12 Fairway
The view from near the tee box on hole 12

From the tee box, you will see everything you need to know about this hole. With a total length of only 364 yards, you don’t have to play a driver if it isn’t your straightest stick. Any straight shot over 220yds or so will get you in good position for an attack at the pin. If you are an excessively long driver of the ball, you should be careful of the deep creek running across the fairway at approximately 300 yards.

Handara Bali Hole 12 approach and green
The green complex on hole 12 is guarded by right and left bunkers.

Be careful to note the flag color and pin location because this long green plays 2-3 clubs deep. As you stand on the tee box you will see that you have a clear view of the green which has bunkers on the left and the right. Favoring the rearward portion of the green eliminates the bunkers and gets you in position for an easy bogey, or perhaps a par depending on your lag putting skills.