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Welcome to Fade Your Golf Ball – Part 2. Previously we have talked about the differences of Fades. This time, we’ll talk about body alignment, path, clubface and mistakes that most people make.

Once the golfer gets the golf ball starting to the left consistently, you have to put the spin on the ball to allow it to fade back to the target line. Most golf holes are designed for shots that curve from left to the right. So hitting a fade will allow you take advantage of how these holes are set up.

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Body Alignment and Stance

You will need to begin by striking an open stance and aligning your body to the left side of your target. This is a stance that you take on purpose.


Once you have done that, the club will swing taking a path to the left such that the ball will begin by going towards the left side of your target. This is an essential part of hitting a ‘real fade.’ It is important to note that your ball does not go left because your swing was flawed.  You aim your body in that direction and hit your golf ball to the left on purpose. So, aim left and swing left, and then watch your ball spin to the right because of how your clubface was positioned.


You need to learn how to hit your ball left on a consistent basis and then add the spin. The spin is what causes the ball to swing back to the right. In order to add the spin, you need to set the clubface so that it is pointed right at the target line. This leaves the clubface open to the path of your swing and allows your golf ball to go spinning back towards the target line. This in turn produces the ‘real fade.’

Good players are the ones who hit the real fade. The reason for this is that they have an understanding of the fact that they only need to make slight changes to how they normally position themselves. They tell themselves in their minds to hit the shot to the left on purpose and not as a result of a swing flaw.

Mistakes That Golfers Make

  • Not realizing that in order to hit a real fade you must swing left on purpose.
  • Sending the club up and over the top by hitting using their arms.
  • Hitting hard, which causes the wrists to tighten and therefore leaves the clubface too open leading to a slice.
  • Over releasing the club, which means that it stays open and pulls to the left.
  • Having a weak grip that leads to the golf ball spinning too far on the right.
  • Have an overly strong grip, which leads to a pull and not a fade

This is all there is to hit a real fade. If you choose to fade the ball, then a real fade is the way to go. Hopefully you will get some time to come visit us at Handara Golf & Resort Bali to play in one of the most famous courses in Indonesia.