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Bali is known for its amazing sea views and stunning beaches, but that is not all that it has to offer.  Visiting the highlands and mountainous region of this land will unearth untold attractions that you cannot afford to miss, especially within the lush Central Lake District of Bedugul and Munduk.

Over the years, Bedugul has garnered a reputation for itself as the ideal mountain resort destination, especially for couples looking for the perfect setting for their pre-wedding photographs. Also home to Tamblingan, Buyan and Bratan Lakes, here you’ll find these mystifying crater lakes set against backdrops of verdant mountains, lush gardens and remarkably cool weather that is a sharp contrast to the heat along the coasts.

In addition to breathtaking panoramic views and substantially cooler weather, there are many other reasons why you should visit Bedugul. Wedding photographs are one, but here in Bali’s lush mountain resort area, you could partake in some activities that are unique and memorable to this area.

Explore Bedugul and Its Nearby Surroundings

Here are some great places to visit while there:

Bali Botanical Garden Bedugul

  • Bali Botanical Garden Bedugul – If you like peace, quiet and enjoy basking in the beauty of nature, then this is the place for this large tropical botanic park located in Candikuning Village was created for the conservation, recreation, education and surveys of plants and botanicals. An outing here would allow for the opportunity to learn about medicinal plants, plants used for ceremonies and plants of the tropical rainforests while gaining an insight into the fascinating life of birds. Balinese families, lovers and friends also head to the Bali Botanical Gardens for a fun weekend of recreation and activities.
  • The Strawberry Farm – Enjoy the sensation of picking your very own strawberries in an actual strawberry farm. Right here in the cool air, 4,900 ft above sea level and surrounded by amazing mountain scenery and a spectacularly serene environment, you could try your hand as a strawberry farmer for a day and harvest your fruits for a small fee. Definitely a great option for the whole family.
  • Lakes Tamblingan and Buyan – Also known as the twin lakes, the Lakes of Tamblingan and Buyan along with Lake Bratan lies in a plateau inside a large, ancient caldera and surrounded by lush rainforest and many ancient temples. If all you have seen of Bali are the developed cities of the South such as Kuta, Denpasar and Sanur, then this tour of Bali’s volcanic heart will introduce you to a different side of the island that you will absolutely love. Expect nothing less than magical beauty, astounding natural settings, breathtaking backdrops and fantastic views.
  • Pura Ulun Danu Beratan – Considered to be one of the most sacred and spiritual temples in Bali. After Pura Besakih, it is the most important in the entire island and one of the most photographed. Built in 1633, it is dedicated to Ida Batari Dewi Ulun Danu, the Goddess of the lake.
  • Munduk – There’s an old-world charm surrounding Munduk and it is easy to forget your troubles in this village’s cool air and misty ambience. On the way to this mountain retreat, you’ll discover jaw-dropping views with steep ravines and towering mountaintops. Covered in everything lush and green that grows, this area is ideal for hiking and has at the very least twelve trails and countless waterfalls including Melanting and Munduk. This experience should really be on your Bali bucket list.
  • Giant Banyan Trees – These trees are found in the village of Seririt nearAt 85 metres high and 70 metres in diameter, the roots of these trees tower above, allowing guests to walk among the roots or take photographs for the perfect Instagram shot featuring great dramatic effects. According to local legends, the trees are inhabited by spirits. They are deemed sacred by the locals so do show proper respect when visiting.

Jatiluwih Rice Terrace - Near by Bedugul

  • Jatiluwih Rice Terrace – This is arguably one Bali’s most famous rice terraces and one of the most popular tourist destinations. Located at a height of 700 metres above sea level, it is found in the Western part of the Island in the district of Tabanan. These terraces extend from the bottom of a mountain all the way to the coasts and if you’re lucky, you could witness a unique Balinese Hindu ceremony called the Patirtaan at Petali Temple. Jatiluwih is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site which covers 2,372 ha of rice field, 3,545 ha of garden, 9,316 ha of forest, 317 ha of housing area and 475 ha of wild bush.

Bali’s Central Lake District is waiting for you to come and uncover its treasures. Its natural beauty, relaxing ambience and the friendliness of the locals makes it a must-visit. So the next time you come to Bali, make sure that you have Bedugul in North Bali on your to-do list!