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If you are looking to play a better golf game, then you need to understand the essential movements of golf.  There are four of them; rotation, tilt, shift and extend.  These four movements greatly affect the orientation of your clubface, the direction of your swing, low point control and the speed of your club head.  If you can get these 4 right, you are bound to improve your game immensely.

Golf Tips – Key Movements Better Golf

  • Rotate – How you move your club from the ball before you take a swing is very important.  This move sets the whole tone of that swing.  In order to do well, you should make sure that the buttons of your shirt are pointing the trail knee.  With this, your hands will be slightly past your knee and the club head will be a little bit in front.  The ration should be at 27ᵒ.  Tilting follows this.
  • Tilt – Once you have the buttons of your shirt properly aligned, you can add the tilt.  If you are right handed, you need to feel your left shoulder working down and then across as you move your arms and hands inward. The shoulder tilt should start at 11ᵒ down and when you are at the top of your backswing, your shoulder should be tilted 36ᵒ downward.  With these golf tips, you should be able to do better.  Tilting your shoulders just right will set you up for a great game.
  • Shift – When you are shifting towards the downswing, start by bumping your hips laterally towards the target.  It is this move that facilitates the right place for moving your golf club into impact.  You need to shift and then sit into the ground.  This will allow you to spring upward and will create maximum force so that you make impact.  Most average golfers tend to spin their hips, which causes the golf club to be imbalanced and at the top of the plane.  They end up with thin and heavy mishits.
  • Extend – Extending the arms, the club and body after you have made impact is common among great players.  It is something you must learn to be able to play better golf.  This extension comes automatically if you have set yourself up right before impact.  You will need to do the initial 3 movements just right.  The ground is used as leverage before impact and after impact, the pelvis and legs start to straighten out. It is actually this movement that allows them to hit their balls so far.

With these golf tips, your game is bound to improve dramatically.