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Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, Sam Snead, Dustin Johnson, Phil Mickelson and Jordan Spieth; what do these names have in common? If you can recognize any of them, it is highly likely you are a golfing fan. If you have read their history, you will learn that most started out just like you; with a passion for learning the right tricks.

Handara Golf & Resort Bali love to share about golf tips and any information about golf. In this article, we will talk about Putter Length.

 Choosing a putter length

putter length you should choose

One of the most important factors to improve your game is of course learning the right equipment to use. It is true that you have different sticks but the putter has been found to determine the number of strokes, meaning getting the right length is crucial for any golfer. Putters come in different length, weight, lies angles and shapes.

However, the best golfers will tell you that the length of a putter is the most critical as it determines how well you hit the ball. If the putter is too long or too short, you will be forced to compensate with your body leading to missed hits, poor set up, inconsistency in the ball’s paths and even damage to your back.

How do you find the right putter length then? You need a putter, a few balls and a piece of tape for this activity.

  • Address a putt as usual (legs not bent, arms bent at the elbow, and a slight comfortable bend at the waist towards the golf ball). With the putter firmly in grip, take a normal stance over the ball.
  • Pick one of the other balls and drop it from your nose. Try this with a few more balls and note where the balls fall.
  • With the readings of the position of the other balls, you will learn this; if the ball drops between the ball you were to hit and your feet, the putter is too long. If the ball drops outside of the ball on the ground and your feet, the putter is too short.
  • To rectify the length problem, choke up on the putter if the ball falls inside the space between your feet and the ball on the ground (too short). Choke down on the putter if the ball falls outside the space between your feet on and the ball on the ground.
  • After determining the length of your putter, use the tape to mark the top of your hand but this should be done after several tries to hit the ball on the ground.

Still struggling with missed hits, hope this article has given you hints on a few ways to improve that swing. Stay tuned to get more information about Bali, Golf information & tips in Handara Blog!