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One of the things golfers look for on a continuous basis is golf tips on how to improve their driving distance. This article will give you those much needed tips that can help you increase that distance in a measurable and real way.

golf tips - driving distance

1) Start with the fundamentals – If you can get your swing right fundamentally, you will notice that your ball goes much, much further.  It is inefficiencies in the setup as well as the swing that often cost you yardage. Some of the factors that will affect it include:

  • A wrong grip
  • Bad posture
  • A too steep or too flat awing plane
  • Not knowing how to transfer your weight
  • Having your left side too soft at impact
  • Swinging your hips and more

You need to understand what the checkpoints are and then measure your swing against them if your game is to improve.

2) Refining your technique – When it comes to the big drives, you will need to refine your technique. If you have your fundamentals right in terms of swing and setup, then consider the following golf tips:

  • Increase your stance for increased stability and also to get some resistance on your backswing
  • Put about sixty percent of your body weight on the right side such that your shoulder is tilted some more. If you are left handed, do the same on the other side.
  • Place your ball directly across from your toe and then tee up a bit higher. If there is a head wind, this would not be advisable.
  • Rotate your shoulder in a bid way and you can check this by ensuring that your left shoulder has come over and then across your right knee.
  • Increase resistance in your legs and hip without flexing the knees or overextending as you turn.
  • When you get to the top of your backswing, be sure to drive your body weight across as you focus on the buckle of your belt. You want to feel like your buckle is spinning really fast to face the target.
  • Keep your timing and rhythm as you swing.

3) Improving Flexibility and Strength – You need to improve your technique and fitness in order to increase your driving distance. Poor flexibility will affect your swing and if your core is not strong, then you will not have good control.

4) Custom drivers – Most manufacturers will custom fit them for free. This can help you achieve better distances and consistent ball flight.

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