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A slice is one of the most common shots with amateur players and it is also the most frustrating eventually. There is nothing as demoralizing as hoping you had made a good shot only for you to see the ball going into the woods. A slice curves hard to the right, which in most cases takes you to the woods. It is commonly caused by poor grip, open club face, poor stance and an outside-to-in path. If you are regularly finding yourself in the woods during play, here are some ideas to correct a golf slice in order to enjoy your game more:

golf slice

Don’t Get Too Close To The Ball
This is a big problem with most players. The main problem with getting too close to the ball is that you will get an outside-in path, which drives your ball too hard to the right. To avoid this, extend your arms fully as you address the ball. Go on and flex your knees while at the same time keeping your back straight. Try to bring down the club behind the ball; if the club is perfectly behind the ball, your arms are extended and back is still straight, you are at the right distance from the ball.

Work on Your Feet Position
A slice occurs if your feet and shoulders are not well aligned with the target. Your feet and shoulders should be square and in line with the target. To attain this, you must work on your stance; take your golf club and place it on the ground pointed on the target. Your shoulders should point straight at the target while your feet should be in line with the club on the ground. If you notice your feet positioned back from the club, you are at risk of slicing your shot.

Hand-eye Coordination
Poor club and ball contact could be costing you the game. If you hit the ball outside the center of the club face, you will no doubt slice your shot. Bad contact is common if you are tense and you have to train yourself to watch the ball when aiming. Hand and eye coordination works magic in treating a slice.

These correcting a golf slice tips will help improve your game but for them to work you have to consciously apply them. The next time you are playing, remember each tip and it will be easier to apply the same. Still struggling to stay out of the woods? Go out and try these tips. Stay tune in our blog for more update!